Rules/Game Times

2022 Top Flight Tournaments Fastpitch Rules/Game Times

All rules will fall under USA/ASA rules except the following. For Qualifiers and State Tournaments are rules will follow under USA Rules except for pool play. 

Invitational Rules/Pool Play Rules 

1)  During pool play teams may bat the entire roster with free defensive substitutions.  If batting entire roster, each player has to be listed in batting order and teams may substitute running for pitcher and catcher only with the last batted out as the replacement runner. During Bracket/Championship play, teams may use a DP/Flex or up to 2 EP (max 11 in batting order if using 2 EP).  If using DP/Flex, the Flex, defensive player must be listed in 10 spot on line-up but will not bat unless substituted for.

2)  Teams Must each provide 1 used (game quality) softball for each pool play game.  They will be returned at the conclusion of the game.  For Bracket play, each team must provide a new ASA Certified Softball, softballs will be returned at the conclusion of the game.  Should a softball be un-retrievable during any game (pool or bracket) the team responsible for losing the softball must replace it.

3) All teams must be at the fields and ready to play the 1st game 20 minutes prior to game start time. Once the tournament has begun, all teams should be ready to take the field as soon as the teams from the previous game have cleaned the dugout and removed all of their gear.  In the event that either of the teams is coming from another field, the umpires and opposing team should remain on the field and be ready to begin as soon as possible.  The team changing fields will have 20 min to arrive at the next field ready to play. During Pool play, if one of the teams is late arriving to the scheduled field at the designated time and are not playing in the game prior to the scheduled start of the current game, the umpires will notify the tournament director and the opposing coach.  At that point, the tournament director will note the time with the umpire and opposing coach.  The team that has not arrived will have 20 minutes before a forfeit is recorded with a score of 1 – 0.  During Bracket play, the team that has not arrived will have 20 minutes before a forfeit is recorded with a score of 1 – 0.  If the bracket is single elimination the losing team will be eliminated at that point. Coaches, it is important that we try to keep the games running as close to the scheduled time as possible for the tournament to be a success.  Ultimately, it is your responsibility to note any delays or schedule changes so you can inform your parents and players and keep your team ready to play.

4)  Base Running-No Exceptions.  For Pitcher and Catcher teams must use a sub. 

5)  Time Limits for play will be determined by tournament and will be sent out with the tournament packet.  If tied at the end of Bracket/Championship Games, we will play one inning international tie breaker rules until we have a winner.  For If Games, it’s a one inning international tie breaker game.

6)  Bats-All Bats must be ASA/USA Certified-NO EXECPTIONS. Before every game teams must put there bats outside the dugout to be checked.  If using a Ghost Bat  MUST have the ASA/USA Blue Certification, otherwise it is illegal in ASA/USA game play. Gold Ghost Bats are illegal. If batter steps into the batter box with any illegal bat, the batter/player will be ejected for the game, and an out will be recorded. If another batter comes up, and a pitch is thrown the batter/player will be come legal. 

7)  Home Team will be determined by coin toss at home plate meeting for All Pool Games. Bracket play will be determined by higher seed. For Championship game home team will be determined by higher seed. For If Games home will be determined by a coin toss.

8) For Seeding Tournaments. 3 Points for a win, 1 Point for a Tie.  Tie Breaker Rules: Head to Head, Runs Allowed, Runs Scored, Coin Toss. 

9) Game Times: 10U Bracket Games 75 Min finish the inning. 12U Bracket Games 80 Min finish the inning  14U & Up Bracket Games are 90 Min finish the inning 

10) Elite 8 Bracket Games: 1 Hour 45 Min, no new inning past 1 hour 40 min.  

11) USA Run Rule. 15 after 3, 12 after 4, and 8 after 5.