Top Flight Tournaments Fastpitch Rules

All rules will fall under USA/ASA rules except the following.

1)  During pool play teams may bat the entire roster with free defensive substitutions.  If batting entire roster, each player has to be listed in batting order and teams may substitute running for pitcher and catcher only with the last batted out as the replacement runner. During Bracket/Championship play, teams may use a DP/Flex or up to 2 EP (max 11 in batting order if using 2 EP).  If using DP/Flex, the Flex, defensive player must be listed in 10 spot on line-up but will not bat unless substituted for.

2)  Teams Must each provide 1 used (game quality) softball for each pool play game.  They will be returned at the conclusion of the game.  For Bracket play, each team must provide a new ASA Certified Softball, softballs will be returned at the conclusion of the game.  Should a softball be un-retrievable during any game (pool or bracket) the team responsible for losing the softball must replace it.

3)  Base Running-No Exceptions.  For Pitcher and Catcher teams must use a sub. 

4)  Time Limits for play will be determined by tournament and will be sent out with the torunament packet.  If tied at the end of Bracket/Championship Games, we will play one inning international tie breaker rules until we have a winner.  For If Games, it’s a one inning international tie breaker game.

5)  Bats-All Bats must be ASA/USA Certified-NO EXECPTIONS.  If using a Ghost Bat, it MUST have the ASA/USA Blue Certification, otherwise it is illegal in ASA/USA game play.  IF caught using an illegal bat, the team will receive a warning and play will continue.  If caught a second time, the player using the bat and the Head Coach will be ejected from the game and the at bat will be recorded as an out.

6)  Home Team will be determined by coin toss at home plate meeting for All Pool Games. Bracket play will be determined by higher seed. For Championship game home team will be determined by higher seed. For If Games home will be determined by a coin toss.

7) For Seeding Tournaments. 3 Points for a win, 1 Point for a Tie.  Tie Breaker Rules: Head to Head, Runs Allowed, Runs Scored, Coin Toss.